First & Last

blog entry of 2013 that is. 


Hello there. I'm going to try to actively blog and update this space in 2014 with either tips/behind-the-scenes or any material I found useful that's worth sharing. 

So looking back, 2013 has been sort of a roller coaster ride for me, personal and career wise. 




- Travelled to London, with who at that point was my boyfriend. 

- Got out of a relationship that was decremental to both parties.

- Watched my all time favourite band, the xx live (pretty darn amazing would be an understatement, i felt like i was in a trance.) 

- Ended my career as a bartender, I decided to stopped hiding in the dark and taking the first step back into photography. 

- Shot Miss Universe Singapore 2013 - Shi Lim, which got published in a few local papers.

- Got hired at a local retailer brand, shot my very first look book for them (I'll share it when I get the approval to do so!) 

- Covered Digital Fashion Week in Singapore, saw Naomi Campbell walked the runway.

- Landed my first official campaign shoot for a retail brand, and also another first campaign for a local designer. (Photos to be shot in January of 2014!)

- Decided to step out of the monotonous 'office life' and take a leap of faith. By the time 2014 rolls back, I would officially be self employed. 


So within 2013, I'd have changed jobs twice, ended a relationship. Hit some career milestones of mine, as well a grew a lot as a person. Working in the service industry has taught me a lot. Sometimes I regret the time I've spent not focusing on my photography but there are other times I'm really grateful for the life lessons I've learnt. I'm also thankful for the friends who have been by my side through the good and bad, the clients who had faith in me and took a leap of faith in trusting me. Also thankful to the universe for the good karma I had towards the end of the year.  


The people I've grown really close to for the last few years, who have stuck by me no matter what.

The people I've grown really close to for the last few years, who have stuck by me no matter what.


I'll be spending my new year eve's with the people closest to my heart, my friends who have stood by me no matter what. 2013 has taught me how to love, knowing when to walk away, how to give it all that I have, tolerance, humility, teamwork, how to be brave, to take risks, and most of all, to follow my heart. 

2014 would be an exciting year, a year of many new experiences. I hope it would be a better year, a year of growth, health and happiness. So my new year resolutions would be those, growth, health, happiness, kindness and of course to pursue and do more great work, personal and commercially. 



Lyn A