Professional Photographer of The Year 2014 Compeition

So some time earlier this year, I entered some of my images over at I actually forgotten about it because work has been so busy lately. But a few days ago I received an email from the Art Editor from Professional Photographer Magazine letting me know that I've been short listed and eventually I've placed third in my entry of Portfolio of 3 images I submitted. (Out of 5492 Entries from at least 40 different countries, you can view the rest of the winners here

I was really pleased and surprised by the email, mostly because the work that caught their attention was a piece of personal work I've done right out of quitting my job and jumping into the freelance world. 

Art directed & Photographed by Lyn Averson

Styled by Bunnie Benton (Fashions by Vel-j-re')

Hair & Make up by Eric Vosburg

Modeled By Briauna Mariah

Backdrop by Schmidli Backdrops

Lighting setup for the day

Behind the scenes

As you can tell, it was a really simple lighting set up, I used a large octa above her from the right and had her stand close to the background. The oct was angled towards her. The blurred effect was later added in post after I decided I made the story looked more interesting and gave it a moodier vibe. 

These photos were inspired by both Paolo Roversi and Alexander Mcqueen's works. I love Paolo's use of textured backgrounds, his simplistic lighting that brought out the mood in his subjects.