Behind the Scenes - Liqui Moly Asia Calendar: Day 01

The call time was 9 am I believed. We (My Production team & I) arrived earlier than the rest of the crew to recee the location. Sometimes we don't get the opportunity to do a location recee before hand, which isn't ideal. I try to go earlier on the day (if possible) to check things out and figure out where our shot is going to be. It's important because its a large scale set, it won't be as easy as shifting models and lights because there's vehicles involved as well. As we only have half a day, we have to make the best out of the short duration.

My Stylist doing his job, oiling up the models for that glossy effect in the photos.

Reviewing the shots

We reached there at around 4 I believe and finished up around 8-9pm. We had 4 different vehicles on set. 2 Cars, a Towtruck and a bike. We shot till the sun when down and it was dark. It was a long day. 

Kudos if you read all the way through day 1. I might do day 2 and 3 together since they are both half days.