Behind the Scenes: Heatwave Summer Campaign 2015 (Fashion & Commercial Photography)

So sometime around May 2015, I shot these a set of images for Heatwave's Summer Campaign. Heatwave is a local shoes and bags brand. You can view the set of image over here.

Call time was pretty early as it is of utmost importance that we utilize the most of day light and the suitable shooting hours. We all know that the sweet spot of golden hours is that tiny little window.
Unfortunately we have to make the best of the the day, avoidng the afternoon overhead sun. I can't recall the exact time, but I belive we started the shoot around 9am. Which meant we had to reach around 730-8 am as typically hair and make up took 1-1.5hours to be done.

Getting into the Swing of things. On this set I was using a HMI Arri Light with an Orange CTO gel (I'm not sure how many stops it was though) to give it a warm tone. 

We shot the Campaign at Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa. For anyone who has shot on location before, would know that shooting at places that aren't entirely public spaces, it is important to obtain a Permit or Permission before proceeding. After all, it wouldn't be fun to have your entire team there, only to get chased off before anything great happens. 

Around 5pm, we were hitting golden hour and I decided to ditch the artificial light and opt for natural light. The effect from the golden hour gave a really nice golden hue to the model's skin after we bounced it off from a gold reflector. We successfully wrapped the shoot at around 6pm.  

Here are some of the final product of a day's work. (Well technically it was more than a day spent in photoshop)