What is Fashion Photography? 

It's hard to say but to put it simply it's a combination of both Fashion & Photography. There are many sub categories of fashion photography, Editorial, Advertorial, Campaigns and Lookbooks. These are the 4 most common types of fashion Photography 

Fashion photography usually focuses more on the models, the mood, the story, and of course the clothing. It sells an idea, a lifestyle and for some the story. 

What makes Fashion Photography so appealing is because it gives you an insight of the lifestyle of the rich and beautiful. It shows you various places, lifestyles and luxury items. (Speaking from a high fashion Editorial point of view)


So let's do a breakdown of what are the differences between Editorial Photography, Advertorial Photography, Campaign Photography and Lookbook Photography.


Editorial Photography:

Editorial Photography usually means it's published in papers or magazines, for Fashion Editorial Photography, these images usually tell a story, have a concept and sometimes sell a lifestyle of living. 

Some examples of Editorial Fashion Photography:

My Shoot for Flawless Magazine. (Click on the images to view)


Advertorial Photography: 

It is an advertisement in short. It usually means you are being contracted by a brand to shoot their garments, shoes or accessories for that brand to project exactly what their brand identity is about. How it differs form editorial photography is, in editorial photography, many different brands may be used up in a single image however in Advertorial photography is is exclusively that only things by that brand are allowed. 


Campaign & Lookbook Photography:

Campaign :

They are both very very similar to Advertorial Photography. However Campaign photography is Usually done 2-3 times a year. Spring Summer Collection, Fall Winter Collection and sometimes a Resorts Collection. 

Here's an Example I did, Pazzion Spring Summer 2014 Campaign (Click on the images to view)


This term can get a little confusing, there are different variation of it. For overseas, lookbook photography usually is when a new designer launches a line and needs photographs for the clothes to be sold. It can be as basic and simple as on a plain background, with the model standing still, front and back. 

For Singapore, a lot of the current online stores tend to launch "Lookbooks" which are essentially I'd say mini campaigns. 

My lookbook for Runway Bandits, an online store based in Singapore.  (Click on the images to view)

So that about sums up the sub categories of Fashion Photography, to view the rest of my work -  www.lynaverson.com